Nihar Beura
Activist and Counsellor

BASICS: Honesty, truthfulness, frank, sincerity(no deceit/pretence), good manner, focused, relentless look out for an opportunity, longterm oriented, Be yourself ( no natak, no imitation, do not become the football of others' opinions.)

Do what you say. Say what you do. Introspect and Improve

Gold glitters for ever but gold plated for a short time.

A duck can never become a swan just by changing walking style or holding the root of a lotus in its beak.)
Char. - Eagle ( helicopter view and focused)

APPROACH - Feel always Obliged( to God, Guru, parents, family members, friends and others) and Drive through positive energy throughout.

No criticism, no protest, no opposition. Take ACTIONS and never try to achieve through REACTIONS. It is vital as potential increases in positive approach and also ever friendship and especially so when umpteen no of avenues are there to do so many welfare and good activities for the people without adopting negative approaches.

Stay calm and quiet(physically fast though) and never ever so oversensitiveness to issues/situations/individuals.

BASICs will make you great in long run and in generations. People having great BASICs are gold.

"Sakala Tirtha to charane Badrika jibi ki karane". Ganesh and Karthik on world tour. Sadhus do not travel world to get the experience. They work on BASICs

Raja puja paye nija deshare, kabi puja paye desha bideshare.

So called seniors/mgrs never wish to junior colleagues on occasions nor reciprocate in right spirit when wished. Feel very aukward to share same dining table or so. But they always talk of team work, participative mgmt etc. Bullshit

Humanity is the only one Religion and others are derivatives.

Coexistence in harmony is necessary for all religions, castes, creeds, traditions, cultures for leading peaceful life.

BELIEVING in self, in God, in Guru and Shastras is paramount.

Human being has unlimited potential and we should be aware of our potential. This is called self-empowerment

Criticism is worst thing. No one should waste time on this. Life is too short to waste time. Better to learn from each other. It will have positive impact on health and mind.

Hardly any obstacle one faces while trying to do a good work, but would 100 obstacles while doing a evil work. Ex. - Thief. A good teacher famous in an area. A Sadhu. Good student etc.

Life is not a spectator sport. If you are going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, you are wasting your life.

Relationship can not be(should not be) commoditised. Riches do try to make it but fail in longterm. Ex. Hasthganthi is put on hold unless other daughter/son-in-law attend in case of a traditional family. But not the case in case of riches ..they go ahead. Ex- in-laws

Seek out atleast one surprise help which you must render to somebody in a day. It could be your wife, mother, friend, child, collegue, boss etal

Power and Money both ran after me in the past because I was a self-made man. I will repose faith in that strength and take myself a few levels up instead of my running after money/power.

Seva can not be purchased, only can be given

Relationship can not be sold, can only be purchased

Udhhav had 80 Gurus…There can not be one person who has all good qualities to be learnt from.

Required always are a team of cricketers, a group of members performing in stages, a hand of 5 different fingers..Equilibrium in heterogenity, peace in diversity, good conjugal life in difference so on..

Today's Baba, mechanical, urban born, urban dwelling really focus on how to live long healthy and not lead a better life. Always focus on better living. Far from spiritualism. Compete with other Babas to have more name, fame, highlights in media etc.

Standard of living for all improving…and also the gap. The gap is increasing with more speed.

The poor, illiterate, neglected is exploited more and hence become poorer..( ex. Bus fare, purchase in shop etc)

Hating Politics without even participating in electoral process is heinous ( ex.- salaried, educated mass do not even vote)

So called MDs, Scientists, Sr managers, working class in USA etc are no different from the ones who were licking the boots of Britishers during preindependence era. This is a perfect analogy.. Perhaps today's chamchas are probably the offsprings of the British chamchas. Ofcourse this is applicable for 99% people.

It is required to be Good and not act Good(Bhall heba darakar and not bhallei)

Section of people who are born and brought up in India..but look out for greener pasture in USA etc and never bothering to help out their birth place/parents/brother sisters..etc. No matter if they get nobel prizes….all they do which suits them…These lot never sacrifice for others. Simillar lot you may find in some sections in India also.

Sometimes Strength becomes weakness….( writing very clearly and in nice hand writing and hence not able to finish in time…etc)

Kaama Kari(PATHA PADHI) Jao Bira pari abhab kashan jau sari

Strong belief, complete surrender of thyself in God make things work.( child carrying umbrella to the church)

Happiness is the way and there is no Way to happiness

Materials, Money, position, status, recognition are directly proportional to the Unhappiness

Selfish people become richer and famous.. All the great people do not do for others. They do for themselves. In somecases, Great individuals' interest and public interest match. Selfish people do what they like to do. The likings could be talking, fighting, writing, science research, dancing, fatherly hood, motherlihood, passing time with friends, giving advices, getting name and recognition etc.

Illiterate thinks he knows maximum ( circle perimeter and radius)

Science is directly proportional to atheism, disbelief in God, complications in thinking. Science always give better living and not better life.

Media spoiling the children. Friends at the our age can not differentiate paddy plant and wheat plant

Keep away from materialistic life..It is impossible to maintain spiritual life amidst the materials. It is as good as an addiction like Smoking, prostituion, gambling etc. In materials you can do some exercise/yoga to have good health but not better life.

Keep Fire alive in stomach and keep looking for right time/opportunities…may be days, weeks, years you have to wait. Always target long term goal. Long range goals to keep away from being frustrated by short range failures.

Opportunity never comes twice in life.. To get this one has to have relentless attention, 100% patience and vigilance. Once it comes, one has to grab this in 4 hands. Do not let it go…Bara barasara tapa sukua jholare jiba

Materialistic people have more weaknesses…a Baba does not have one

You can not change others..better change youself

Education/English are the priority now in India

YES man is the blackship for the society

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